8 Things To Take Under Consideration When Planning Your Bathroom Renovation Project

Bathroom remodeling provides the second highest ROI on any home renovation. It only trails kitchen remodeling when it comes to return on investment.

A bathroom model may cost a couple hundred dollars up to tens of thousands. The price for your project will depend on your goals, your house and your budget.

Bathroom RemodelingYou have two main goals with any bathroom no matter what your specific budget happens to be. Those are to increase the room’s function and increase its beauty as well.

There are 8 things you need to take into consideration, whether you are just thinking about freshening the room up or doing a complete bathroom renovation. What’s great about the list is you decide to do 1, 2 or all of these in whatever combination you choose and make a huge impact on the appearance and usability of your bathroom.

1. Cabinets

When walking into a new bathroom, the first thing you will tend to notice are the cabinets. Your bathroom can be improved almost instantly by new cabinets.

The prices of cabinets vary widely, ranging from cheap particle board all the way up to custom construction. However, if you do enough shopping around you usually can find something very elegant that is reasonably priced.

2. Hardware

Even if upgrading your cabinetry isn’t something you can afford to do, getting new hardware can make a significant difference. Whether or not you replace the cabinetry, there are thousands of different products that can be selected to help enhance your bathroom’s appearance.

It’s amazing what having a new set of hardware can do to make even mediocre cabinets have a high end appearance.

3. Fixtures

Using a float to smooth concrete during a bathroom remodel project.  Room for text.

Using a float to smooth concrete during a bathroom remodel project. Room for text.

You should choose new bathroom fixtures, which includes sinks and faucets, to fit in with your overall look as well as style of cabinetry. For example, you wouldn’t want to mix in modern fixtures with old fashioned, elegant hardware and cabinetry.

Even if you are unable to upgrade the cabinets, if you can new fixtures that are similar in style, can make a huge difference in your bathroom’s look and feel.

4. Tile/Flooring

Tile is that absolute best finish you could have for a bathroom floor. Bathrooms usually aren’t very large, so it won’t even be a significant difference in cost compared to other options. If you search for sales, you can find inexpensive tile. You can also find elegant, expensive tile as well, depending on what your budget is.

Linoleum is another popular option, however if you are able to find some affordable tile, it definitely can have a more significant impact, and most likely for a fairly similar price.

5. Storage

Another great investment is to create a storage wall. You can never have too much storage in a bathroom. However, if you build a storage wall, it helps to keep your small items stored away, and provide an attractive display as well.

6. Mirror

There are two things that you can accomplish when you add a large mirror to a bathroom. First, it provides you with a practical addition that enables you to get ready easily. Second, your bathroom will appear to be larger.

7. Lighting

If you have a bright bathroom, if it’s small it won’t matter all that much. It will still feel comfortable and bright. There are numerous options of various bathroom lights that are available and start at very inexpensive up to incredibly extravagant.

8. Shower Or Tub

Bath tubs aren’t that popular in Panama. However, they are starting to become more accepted. Whirlpool tubs are made in various shapes and sizes. They can fit into any area where there is already a tub, and quite often in places where there is already a shower.

The 8 improvements above can be done separately, or in combination as part of a comprehensive bathroom remodel job. It really depends on what your goals and budget are. However, in order to freshen your bathroom up, those 8 areas are the ones you need to consider.

First you need to come up with your budget. Next, look at each of the 8 items above and decide which ones you you can do as well as the ones that you can’t do at this time.

Any bathroom remodel, whether it is large or small, will help to make you home a lot more enjoyable. It will help to increase your home’s value so that you can ask a higher sales price when it comes time to sell. Don’t forget to make sure your plumber is a “Licensed Plumber“.