Avoid These Mistakes When Remodeling Your Kitchen

At the heart of every home sits the kitchen. It’s the place where everything happens. Where family meals are prepared, where people congregate in order to swap stories, and where friends and loved ones get together. When you design your kitchen, you have to make certain it’s going to be as welcoming as possible. It needs to be a place conducive to not just cooking, but all the activities that go on within.

FixAHome-KitchenRemodelUnfortunately, no matter how hard you work, not all kitchen remodeling projects work out well. Sometimes the issue is layout planning, but sometimes it’s nothing more than a mis-match colors and furniture. If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen, here’s some tips on things you should keep in mind.

1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

A smaller kitchen that’s been carefully planned is going to be more functional than a larger kitchen that’s been thrown together.

When people remodel their kitchen, they almost always want a bigger one. Unfortunately, bigger simply isn’t always better. Some remodeling experts will suggest renovating your entire house, just for the purpose of making the kitchen bigger. If someone suggests that to you, you should get a second opinion. Maybe a bigger kitchen would work, but often times a smaller, well-designed kitchen that’s been carefully planned is much better. Remember to pay attention to work flow. Plan to maximize your kitchen’s efficiency, and you’ll be much happier than if you simply try to make your kitchen bigger.

2. Getting As Little Storage As Possible

Contractors don’t charge less because they love you. If something is cheaper, it’s because it’s cheap. You should ensure that any storage in your kitchen is going to be durable enough to last. Strong, durable cabinets are an investment. What’s more, they’re vital to the continued efficiency of the kitchen. Cabinets and drawers are the parts of the kitchen that will get worn down most quickly. They get used every single day, after all. Don’t get cheap particle board. Get solid hardwood with strong hinges and a good finish. That way, you’ll get the best value for your money.

3. Don’t Rely On Fads

Some contractors get excited over seasonal design fads. But some design fads can be problematic. Make sure to balance your color scheme with neutral colors. That will help it be timeless. Fads never stick around. That’s why they’re fads. If you design or color towards the latest trends, you’ll just have to remodel yet again in a few years. Trends quickly begin to look dated. Take care to avoid being guided by current trends. Instead of simply designing your kitchen based on what’s popular, try to design it based on the rest of the house. Focus on planning for space and other designs.

4. Stick To The Design Plan

HomeRemodelWhen you make a plan, stick with it. This helps keeps the remodeling process running smooth, as well as helps you stick to the budget. If you want your remodeling project to be successful, you need a well-organized plan of design. If you’ve already figured out a budget, ensure your design choices stay within it. Resist being tempted by newer, fancier kitchen gadgets and furnishings. The grass is always greener on the other side, after all. So when you make your choices, stick to them. Don’t change anything unless you absolutely have to.

5. Hire A Professional

Remodeling a kitchen is more than just slapping on a new coat of paint. Even just one room requires an eye towards creative design, as well as an ability to create functional layouts. It’s a time consuming project, and if you’ve never studied interior design then you likely don’t have the skills to do it. Hire a professional, that’s why they’re there.

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